My LinkedIn Tips, Tricks, Insights and Learnings ⚖️ (updated 2023)

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An always updated LinkedIn publication that I put on my profile to store my notes and share with others random tid-bits of stuff I’ve learned about the LinkedIn universe. Nothing exciting but not everything is boring either.

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Here are things I found to be helpful when trying to squeeze more from LinkedIn. Limit your invested time and be focused, consider using 15m or 30m timers because. If you're not a paying subscriber on LinkedIn, you become the commodity. What does this imply? Your capabilities are restricted on the “free plan” in terms of achieving meaningful outcomes. You face limitations on search queries, connection requests, and overall engagement within the platform.

Ranking by importance, if I had to assign value:

  1. Profile Pic
  2. Headline
  3. Recommendations
  4. Custom URL
  5. Publications = Detailed Experience (work history, responsibilities, achievements)
  6. * Paid Subscriber
  7. Content Creation
  8. Engagement
  9. Summary Section = Skills & Endorsements
  10. Education & Certification (some put this top 5)

Tips, Tricks and Insights

  • Make a decision with yourself and decide what you want (or expect), if you are seeking a job from another company make decisions that align accordingly. If you are trying to get leads and turn people into customers make your clicks more selective.
    • If you seek employment become friends with people at specific companies
    • If you seek leads, make targeted connection requests and offer value in your DM
  • Regularly post valuable content, engage with your network and be consistent. Consider creating a recurring task and sync it with your calendar app and make sure you do what you have to do each week (or every other day).
  • When you visit check the left sidebar and make sure you are “following hashtags” and update accordingly.
    • Hit the search box and than click follow
  • I think many individuals use LinkedIn while working to fill time; it gives a sense of productivity and beats shopping.

Create a dedicated browser profile specifically for LinkedIn to separate it from everything else and keep you laser focused and browse EXTRA fast.

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  • Spend time on your profile and make sure you have a decent picture, good headline and include keywords in your profile to attract LinkedIn traffic accordingly. When you include keywords in your profile, the search filter / algorithm will match you accordingly with potential prospects (or visitors who are looking for stuff).
    • A technique employed by certain LinkedIn users involves using a tool to ‘superscript' specific letters, creating a distinctive visual impact, for example: Bruce Wayne Batman
  • People on YouTube claim you can get your account suspended quite easily, so tread carefully when soliciting.
  • UPTO 100 connections each month, so it will take 5 months to get 500+ connections. Have this many connections unlocks hidden features… believe it or not.
  • Consider using Creator Mode, it will unlock “Talks about #domains, #hosting, and #websites” and you can customize your tags.
  • Consider avoiding taboo subjects like politics, and dig into your Profile Settings to hide some b$.

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