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Share ⟢ Email Current URL using AHK Script πŸ“¨

Supercharge your emailing with an AHK script that uses the PAUSE key to quickly share website links, customized key bindings, emoji in subjects, encoding tricks, hashtag organization, and seamless integration with popular email clients.

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One of my more favorite AHK scripts utilizes the PAUSE key to rapidly email myself the current website link. You could of course rebind the key to whatever you want. Here are the quick glance at what it does:

  • Email client like Postbox, Mailbird, Outlook, etc
  • Run Command
  • MailTo: with prepopulated recipient
  • Self-hosted

The AHK script is amazing! 🌟 It incorporates an emoji in the email subject. To ensure proper encoding and create a space, I prepend the tilde symbol (~) with %20. Otherwise, an encoding issue may occur. In my note app, I rely on hashtags for organization, filtering, and sorting. Likewise, I’ll employ hashtags in my email for easy categorization.

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%

clipboard := ""    ; Clear the clipboard
ClipWait    ; Wait for the clipboard to contain data

bodyContent := clipboard    ; Assign the clipboard contents to a variable

    ; Focus address bar and copy
    Send ^l^c

    ; Compose Email & Pre-populate
    Run "πŸ’°`%20#Note&body=" . bodyContent

    ; Paste Clipboard, Delete Signature and Send
    Sleep 500
    Send ^{v}^+{end}{del}^{enter}

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