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BlockTube Import / Export

Woodworking by Maggew

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Random website designs that I like… (updated 2024)

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Best AOE 2 Build Orders (updated 2024)

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Useful Custom Code Snippets for GeneratePress / GenerateBlocks (Updated 2024)

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My take on a fun quiz.

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Post-Windows Checklist, Tips and ToDos

LinkedIn Messaging ⟶ Automation Response for InMail

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LinkedIn Tips, Tricks and Insights (updated 2023) ⚖️

Greetings from Philadelphia, USA.

Dia dhuit! 🇮🇪

My name is Matt G., thanks for visiting. I love helping people out, and I don’t mind being brutally honest either. I blog here at least once a month, at More than 16,224 words so far!

I’m a big fan of blunt honesty and naked truth. If I think it, I’m likely to say it without censoring it for the audience. 🤬

Here are some things you can do right now:

  1. Browse website; read & learn the same stuff as me…
  2. Look inside my toolbox
  3. Read my favorite bible verse & quotes
  4. Peep the affiliate coupon area and discover apps
  5. Send feedback or Hire Maggew for consultation or speaking
  6. See my ever changing list of role models
  7. Listen to my favorite playlist
  8. Submit guest post for SEO juice and marketing
  9. Glance over my exercise and routine loadout
  10. Blast over some business my way, view shop services

Most content on is going to be straight shooter stuff, not much fluff for Search Engine discovery and I won’t be affiliating or promoting junk products or services. Everything I do in life has to have a Made in USA quality stamp of approval.

9 Random Facts About Me.

1 I like falling asleep to Bob Ross. The scraping knife noise and his bedtime story voice is very nice…

2 When I drink beer with my friends, we light tea candles up in front of glass bottles and shoot the flame out.

3 In discord, when I’m having fun I’m very loud. It’s not uncommon for my buddies to lower me to 50% volume.

4 My mom had four boys, Billy is the oldest, than me, than Tyler and Zach. Of course I can beat them all up too. 💪

5 My favorite drinks are chocolate milk, 100% vegetable / tomato juice and ACV shots; usually 1 a day.

6 I love cars, chess, computer plus cycles. Risk, Stratego and Pente are also lots of fun.

7 I think people with billions of dollars don’t take enough responsibility and do great things for mankind.

8 I’ll tell you what, the big man upstairs doesn’t want anyone to go-life alone. Find a best friend and enjoy!

9 Watching Western movies are some of the best things a young man can learn from. 🤠

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Frequently Asked Questions

This site is my online home and public scratchpad for storing notes and making them available to anyone interested in reading them. My blog is where I think out loud. Occasionally, I’ll share intriguing content with the aim of benefiting others, but my primary goal is to document my life’s R&D onto, ensuring that as I progress (hopefully well past the year 2060), I’ll possess a valuable resource to share and contribute to others.

Journalists, advertisers and politicians like to tell us scientific “facts” that they want us to believe. Sometimes “experts” and “educators” expect us to believe “facts” in the same way.

Not that long ago, I felt like I couldn’t interact or share much, because I knew social media sites were analyzing my status updates and search engines were cataloging my searches. In response to this concern, I set out to create a remedy, the development of

I’m always trying my best to organize things in such a way that it’ll forever be easy to find whatever it is you are looking for.

Thank you very much for sending money. Bless Up 🙏

Please contact Maggew to request money.

Von Enterprises is the hosting provider for this website, which means I can host my own website (practically) for free. If someone else is interested in hosting their website on the same platform, they have a fair-pricing plan for $12 per month.

There is no free trial. Cancel anytime, no long-term lock-in. Cancellation is entirely self-serve, no questions asked, no retention specialists trying to talk you out of it. Cancel any time, no long-term contracts to lock you in. Simple, straightforward, and fair, just as it should be.

Certainly, I typically approve such requests. Please include in your email a list of your questions and provide the URL of the specific media platform where you intend to publish, whether it’s a blog post, video channel, magazine, or any other format. If your proposal aligns with my interests, I generally respond by conducting the interview via video chat or voice chat.

I genuinely appreciate invitations to events and opportunities to give talks. However, please be mindful that these commitments demand a significant investment of time and resources. Before reaching out to me, ensure that you are prepared to furnish these essential details:

  • the event’s location
  • your intended schedule
  • specific dates
  • clear indication of whether you can cover the associated costs

Providing this information succinctly will enable me to respond promptly.

Would you forgive me old sport? I apologize for not being active on all my social media accounts and for having notifications turned off. If you have something important to discuss, please contact me via email.

You can never predict, so it’s a good practice to make contact. Occasionally, my friends invite me to join them in gaming, but the excitement tends to fizzle out because the gaming industry has changed significantly over time, with a focus on profit often negatively impacting quality and the community.

I’m usually up for a series of chess matches – how about a best of 7 to get started?

Indeed, as per my friend’s information, the likelihood of having four consecutive boys is 1/16, roughly 6.25%. This is only one of the reasons why I consider myself incredibly fortunate. It’s worth noting there are others who may have +1 or +2 more brothers than I do, but as they can attest, not all brothers are equal in their significance and impact.

To calculate the probability of having four consecutive boys (BBBB) in a row, you multiply my mom’s probabilities together since these events are independent:

(½) * (½) * (½) * (½) = ¹⁄₁₆



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