SMS Integration for your Business Marketing & Automation 📲

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To improve service for loyalty customers, optimize customer outreach with targeted promotions across different channels. One way to establish personalized communication is by using the same phone number as your mobile number, making it convenient to send SMS marketing campaigns.

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Optimize which customers you reach, with which promotions, and on which channels you reach them; all to better serve your loyalty customers.

Example Demo

  • On your iPhone click this link and see what happens…
    (imagine getting an email you can click and tap and poof!)

The Challenge

Use the same telephone number as your mobile to provide personalized connections with customers (or leads) by sending SMS Marketing Campaign with as much automation as possible.

  1. A visitor submits their telephone number through a contact form.
  2. You receive an email notification containing an encoded SMS link which auto-populates the message body in the iPhone default SMS app.
  3. By clicking on this link, you are directed to the iMessage app where you can send the SMS in one tap.
  4. (optional) Sort and organize the form leads into a specific folder for manual batch processing at a later time.
  5. (optional) Set up an incoming email alert with VIP mailboxes.

The Solution

  • WordPress + Form Setup
  • Form Notification using Raw HTML and
  • iPhone + Mail App
  • Raw HTML with encoded sms link email notification
  • (optional) Replace the delivery method and recycle your existing email / marketing campaigns

Next Steps

Once you've obtained the phone number, it is possible to use an online tool to process it and send a personalized email message directly to the recipient's phone. As SMS is essentially an email message, you can utilize your Email Client and add the mobile number to the relevant carrier domain. A table with SMS Gateway Address information for each carrier is provided below as an example.

CarrierSMS Gateway Address
Sprint Corporation*
Top 5 US Mobile Phone Network Carriers according to someone…

More Ideas

  • Integrate a payment gateway and charge people to receive marketing campaign
  • Enable coupon module to encourage checkout
  • Add other fields to the lead generation form, such as twitter, and encode an URL into notification that will one-click follow and DM on that platform too.
  • Include a vCard in text message that people can download once they click shortlink all they'll have to do is click add and it'll create you as a contact in their phone with a pretty picture, proper email, website, etc.
    • “Ready to make it official? Save BIZNAME to your contacts so you never miss the latest updates: LINK
  • Launch your contacts app on iPhone and create a new contact and fill everything out and than export that file. Once you share export upload it on the web and give people a shortlink to download it. Use a Bold Text Generator tool to customize your note.
  • Use a WordPress plugin like Pretty Links and setup custom redirects for your vCard so you can recommend others visit and it'll prompt them on the mobile to add.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, if you'd like me to help you setup this funnel and flow more leads into your inbox just let me know. I can help export and import the appropriate things to speed up the process and keep the costs down.



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