SLOWLY: A hidden penpal gem

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SLOWLY lets you meet pen friends and brings the traditional pen-pal experience to the web. It’s neat man… check it out if you wanna kill some time.

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Somehow I was browsing the web and I came across a “best iPhone apps” list and SLOWLY app came up. I’m glad I check it out and burned up 90 minutes. There are really nice features that make it easy to make friends, learn and have fun. I think it’s neat how smooth everything works, and the actual process of matching people based on interests is good. The filter system is beautiful too, you can exclude by topic and region making it easier to focus-in on what you want from SLOWLY.

slowly a hidden penpal gem
Using the My Paragraphs module is great implementation.

So far so great, I drafted up four letters to send out to people. These random folk I thought had interesting about me sections on their profile so I copy / pasted, more or less the same thing to everyone. Using the My Paragraphs module, I was able to one-click insert into a draft, tweak a couple words and click send.

After flying-thru the signup process I revisted the avatar and took more time to make something cool and also fill-out my profile. Just browsing a couple of random people will show you how neat of an outlook some people have and made me take SLOWLY more serious.

There is a shop and a subscription and they seem like a good idea to use, especially if I keep using the app. Depending on the quality of buddies I meet, I can see the pros of upgrading.

It’s kinda neat too, that I’m collecting stamps as I do stuff on SLOWLY, so things like using the app on the website will give you “Typing Machine” but you can also do all sorts of other odd stuff to unlock even more. I think people most enjoy this platform for learning another language with people from other countries, so if I had to guess, SLOWLY and Duolingo are a match made in heaven. 🤌

This is my second favorite stamp, not quite as cool as the Statue of Liberty. 😏

Sometimes I forget just how magical and big this world is. There are people from Boston living in Japan, people living in Russia that speak 3 languages and work in Robotics and just regular people that work at regular jobs doing regular things. If you ever wanted to just chat with someone and see how life is on the other side of the planet, check it out! 😎

I’m not sure if people are using SLOWLY as a dating app, that would seem weird to me, but I read from a negative review that catfish, ghosts and bots are on the platform… but who knows how truthful an ALL CAPS one-star review is.

My Slowly ID is LWLJXZ so feel free to add me if you want.

UPDATE: After some time past, someone sent me my first letter, but I gotta wait a day or two until I can open it up and read it. I’m gonna send a letter back to Lindry. 👌

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