Proper Crypto Swapping

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Receive more crypto, and save on gas fees by using the YieldYak swap comparison tool first before anything. Swapping is another word for “trading”.

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I think it is very important to properly swap your crypto; avoid gas fees and slippage! I recommend when you want to swap on DEX to try and use tools to show you the best route. For example, I love using YieldYak because they compare swaps from other places and try to get you the best rate. Sometimes, they don't offer the crypto coin support you want so you'll have to try a different swap method.

Method 1: YieldYak Swap

  • Look at Receive column, notice below, how YY will show you comparison between Dex locations, you could be MISSING OUT ON SERIOUS savings if you don't use this tool before working with AVAX crypto.
  • Learn more about YY Swap
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Proper Crypto Swapping 3

Method 2: TraderJoe

Method 3: Sushiswap / ??

  • Try something else…

If you re looking to transfer crypto from blockchain to another, that's a whole different story. 😉

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