Permatters and FlyingPress

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Both Perfmatters and FlyingPress can be used alongside each other. Pick and choose the features you like from each and activate accordingly.

permatters and flyingpress


  • Does use FlyingPress?
  • Does recommend FlyingPress over Flying Pages?


  • Can I have Permatters installed and activated alongside FlyingPress?
  • Can I have FlyingPress installed and activated alongside Permatters ?
  • Can I use both FlyingPress and Perfmatters safely at the same time?
  • Is my website safe if I activate both Perfmatters and FlyingPress plugins?


I think Perfmatters is worth it, it addresses many optimizations most cache plugins don’t. My favorite feature is the script manager because I can selectively disable plugins from loading on specific pages or posts.


It goes way beyond removing unused CSS/JS and has many features which can help with different parts of speed optimization/web vitals.

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