Permatters and FlyingPress

Updated by Matt G.

Both Perfmatters and FlyingPress can be used alongside each other. Pick and choose the features you like from each and activate accordingly.

permatters and flyingpress


  • Does use FlyingPress?
  • Does recommend FlyingPress over Flying Pages?


  • Can I have Permatters installed and activated alongside FlyingPress?
  • Can I have FlyingPress installed and activated alongside Permatters ?
  • Can I use both FlyingPress and Perfmatters safely at the same time?
  • Is my website safe if I activate both Perfmatters and FlyingPress plugins?


I think Perfmatters is worth it, it addresses many optimizations most cache plugins don’t. My favorite feature is the script manager because I can selectively disable plugins from loading on specific pages or posts.


It goes way beyond removing unused CSS/JS and has many features which can help with different parts of speed optimization/web vitals.

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