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NextDNS protects you from all kinds of security threats, blocks ads and trackers on websites and in apps and provides a better internet.

I love it, what’s not to love? It’s a fantastic firewall with a great web interface. Some might even consider this a suitable alternative to AdGuard. I like using the mobile app, the desktop app and the web interface and I think you will too!

  1. Create NextDNS Account
  2. Follow the Setup Guide
  3. Add NextDNS Ads & Trackers Blocklist to your Blocklists (I believe it’s enabled by default)
  4. Bookmark the Analytics page
  5. Check DNS usage and upgrade if you consume your free 300,000 queries/mt
  6. * Download on Android or iPhone
  7. * Check your PING using the tool (sub 100 ms is great)

I actually like using the NextDNS for Windows installer script, it’s nice because I can launch it, insert Configuration ID and click save and I’m good to go. It’s also really easy to use Secure DNS inside your browser settings.

Editing your browser settings to use with your NextDNS config file is easy.
image 1
The analytics dashboard is a nice touch and fun to glance over…
image 2
The upgrade page for when or if you exceed your monthly allowance.

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