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Just a random collection of thoughts notes I’ve accumulated while devouring crypto related stuff on the web. This crypto community is gold!

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This is a place for me to share my notes… it might be organized.

  • Explore the DeFi ecosystem is great for scouting
  • Crypto Lending & Bonding generally lock up funds for XYZ days to create stability in market
  • Blockfi / NEXO = Super safe, risk averse path (compared to Banking no brainer)
  • Defi staking = High Yield Savings
    • User deposits and receives yield
    • Project takes deposit and does whatever they want… maybe they improve the project
  • Auto compounding multiple times a day is beautiful!
    • Rotate assets between platforms if APY is changing rapidly
  • $8,000/mt passive income = $400k x 30% APY
  • APR is about getting interest against your original investment, APY is about getting interest on interest.

Things I Like

  • Low fee, high APY and meaningful crypto projects

Things I Dislike

  • Taking profit penalties, deposit fee, withdraw fee, high gas fee, etc.

Launchpads and IDO Platforms

  1. (you must “allowlist” early and requires quiz answers)
  2. ($1500 high entry)
  8. (looks promising, not active)
  9. (high entry)

What is your desired ROI from IDO?
Low 2.1x to 5.6x

What are favorite stats / metrics?
IDO ROI > TGE Price > IDO Date > Price > Raised > Market Cap

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