The Best WordPress Email Sequence Setup (Updated 2022)

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Everything you need to start a high quality WordPress email sequence. Solve other people’s problems by using automated, scheduled email marketing rules.


Run your WordPress email sequence on autopilot, and turn website visitors into customers. Unlock my whitepaper with a $5 payment using the form below. 90% of the people talking about how to do this online, I think, just want you to click their affiliate links and sign up for some dime-a-dozen $50/mt service.

Get Research Paper for $5.

Designed, developed and created by someone who knows what the hell they’re doing, with a focus on performance and budget.

You have two options, you can use automated email services for a monthly cost, or, release content with email alerts using a WordPress Checkout Form. How do we get people to visit a website and spend money? That’s a different story.

Man, I’ll tell ya, I’ve figured it out and I know how to build an excellent automated email alert system for people! You can even charge people money to join the email list… that’s the real magic! Using WordPress, I control everything and don’t make monthly payments so Bobby can buy another yacht! 😂

  1. Use Scheduled Email Alerts on Form Submission with WordPress
  2. or, Pick someone from the service list below and pay monthly for access

Goal / Flow

  • Build email list using form with optional checkout fee
  • Email address receives automatic, pre-written series of emails
  • Build a fanbase, an email list and put a C2A in emails to make money


  1. Use WordPress & Subscriber Form to control data
    • Visit website page
    • Enter email and redirect to paypal
    • Check inbox each day for (1) new email over (4) days
  2. Increase email deliverability using transactional email service (or reputable SMTP).
  3. Charge $5 to solve someone else’s problem and add them to a WordPress Email Sequence.
  4. Make people happy, build a fanbase and an email list.

I really wanted to use WooCommerce as the core, but the plugin itself is very heavy and isn’t worth the trade-off from what I’ve discovered. I deduced I was better off using a couple plugins with reliable email delivery.

Matt G.
WordPress Email Sequence does not have to be overwhelming...
Too many available services doing the same thing makes for a chaotic decision…

Your low initial offer (tripwire) could be a $5 whitepaper. The multi-day email nurture sequence includes a solution to a problem, a core product and an upsell. Sell the benefits — not features, and build a solid structure for your funnel.

  • Email 1 = welcome intro, answer to problem and outro with C2A
  • Email 2 = reminder download intro, C2A, thank you outro, *optional review purchase + offer coupon on submission
  • Email 3 = fish feed with another bit of helpful content, cross sell and outro
  • Email 4 = upsell and recommend another WordPress email sequence

Use my tips above during the build phase of your WordPress email sequence to increase your success rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would I pay for your whitepaper?
Because you want a link with blueprint instructions for setting up a WordPress Email Sequence funnel AND charge money for solving problems. At a fraction of the cost, duplicate all the advanced email automation that other services offer.

Q: Is there a refund?
No. What if you take my research, claim it doesn’t work… but it actually does? I’ve spent 20 hours of my life farming and scraping data. I know for a fact it works. Anyone can build a self-hosted WordPress Email Sequence and generate small drips of money using my R&D whitepaper.

Q: What Type of Support Do You Offer?
Live telegram chat support from 9am to 6pm EST, as well as email support on the weekends.

Q: I have a different question…
Just leave a comment below or use the contact form old sport.

Available Services

Mostly every WordPress form plugin will “bridge to paid services” and give you onboarding form customization. Other services offer good email deliverability and a control panel. The pricing for some of these guys is just out of this world! That’s the real reason why I made this post, I thought, “There must a practically free approach to get the same results”, and there is! I will show you how to get results!

  • ActiveCampaign – $49/mt Automations Map
  • AWeber – $20/mt Advanced email automation
  • Campaign Monitor – $149/mt Send time optimization
  • ConvertKit – $9/mt Automated funnels & sequences
  • – $19/mt
  • HubSpot – Free Email scheduling
  • MailChimp – $11/mt Customer Journey
  • EmailOctopus – Free Automation
  • – $69 Autoresponder
  • Zapier – Free & Paid
  • Restrict Content Pro – $99/yr
  • WordPress + Email Automation Plugins
    • MailPoet
    • Mailster – $59 $89
      • SMTP, Gmail, AmazonSES, Sparkpost, Mailgun, SendGrid, MailSend, MailJet
      • WooCommerce
    • The Newsletter Plugin no paypal / stripe support, looks very promising.
    • WP Mail SMTP
      • Follow-Ups
      • Mailgun
      • Postmark
      • Sendinblue ($65/mt) Marketing Automation
      • SparkPost
      • Zoho Mail
  • WooCommerce + WooCommerce Autoresponder – $29
    • AutomateWoo – $99/yr

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  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Onboarding Email Sequence
  • Evergreen Funnel
  • Paid to Read Email
  • Conversion Email Sequence
  • Transactional Scheduled Email
  • Paid Email Automation
  • Scheduled release Member Newsletter
  • Sell Newsletter Subscription
  • Autoresponder Emails Triggers
  • Time-based Autoresponders
  • Complex Drip Marketing Campaigns

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