#1 Life Routine with Daily & Weekly Exercises

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Best way to start your day is having a routine and using discipline to stay focused. Remember to make tweaks as you get older and acquire more wisdom!

1 life routine with daily weekly

Here are five things that I attempt to do every day, and I think you should to. Each and every day I almost certainly always do 3 of the 5… at least once a week I'll bang it out and do all 5. All I want is for everyone to live a healthy life with maximum energy to burn doing things they enjoy.

  1. Make my bed
  2. Beat the sun, wake up before it's bright outside
  3. Suck up fresh air; soak-up and sun-graze
    • During sunshine absorption, Wim Hof breathing is awesome
  4. Pushup, Pullups, Sit-ups and Stretch
    • At least 2 of the 4; 100 in a session or spread across hours of the day
  5. Multi-task during repeatables
    • While brush my teeth, stretch my legs by putting legs up on countertop
    • When washing dishes, take deep breadths and plan my next few minutes
    • During coffee brewing, gulp water, shoot an ACV or sneak in some red juice

If you are thinking about doing something, than just do it. If you think for just a split second about brushing your teeth, don't think twice. Just go brush your teeth. This “just do it” mentality is what you want to build habit.

Here are some other routines that I feel are also important, and perhaps they don't have an immediate physical impact but I'm a big believer in changing the mental clarity to produce more powerful physical results.

  • Consume positive content, this would include consuming productive material such as a well curated subscribed youtube setup or even something smaller like browsing “quote of the day” stuff.
  • Figure out a way to save a buck, clipping coupons has an odd impact and does magical stuff. Even if the coupon you use doesn't “save” you money but gets you to try a new product that compounds into something else is HUGE!
  • Petting my dog (and maybe my cat). You can read some crazy informative articles about what kind of impacts this has… good for both man and dog.
  • Set vibes for the day with a fantastic playlist or audio story narrated by someone you like from BetterSleep Ipnos App.
    • Search YouTube for “Sunday Morning Jazz, or Tuesday Coffee Shop, or Wednesday Rock” to vibe out
    • I really do believe it's important to avoid songs that promote the wrong lyrics… trust me, you don't wanna poison mental clarity with bad lingo my dude.

I've been told from my imaginary friends that I'm one of the healthiest people they know and my daily way of life is refreshing to hear and I believe when I talk about it to people they become inspired… maybe you will too!

Leave a comment below and if I get enough of you guys talking I'll re-visit this page and juice it up with another 30 minutes of ponder. šŸ»

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