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Flat Earth or not, this specific topic has a really cool critical thinking community behind it that reminds me of the people who love chess.

flat earth

Low and behold and not much of a surprise but this topic is loaded with very cool stuff. Some people have invested dozens, if not 100s or even thousands of hours into developing maps, critical thinking topics, community forums and so much more. Here is a tip of the iceberg of all the cool things I found:

  • The coolest stuff in my opinion, originates from the scripture, Genesis-1-6 specifically (and a bunch more too)
    • I dislike that such important keywords, for example firmament are not used in “newer versions” of the bible even though there is importance of the word usage all through the good book. Perhaps, shame on the church for not being smarter.
  • Sadly, there is intense hatred and fun poking that garners more attention than is warranted. This is a common trend you see on Reddit when propaganda bots are pushing and spewing their garbage. Nobody likes this stuff.
  • Richard E. Byrd has done some incredible stuff, and his contributions deserve more public spotlight and respect.
  • Some of the most beautiful photography, in my opinion, are the electricity night shots of countries that represent human life.
  • Wernher Von Braun gravestone
  • PeriscopeFilm has done an incredible job sharing great video archival footage.
During a FE R&D Session, I was listening to one of my favorite channels, Everness Vampire: The Masquerade… 👻
  • The comment section is both a beautiful and horrific thing because you see high levels of intelligence, and equally subpar degenerate thinking.
  • Qantas 787 over Antarctica is doing a great job using capitalism to deliver a high quality product / service.
  • Icelandair B767 Landing and Takeoff videos by Extreme Aviation Iceland are super nerdy… and cool!
  • Debate.org has a nice thread filled with all sorts of stuff, almost too much to even care to comprehend or look into.
  • The YouTube gimmick and hypebeasting is real, both good and bad.
  • Ice Wall Footage from 1957 is quite peculiar.
  • Proving The World is Flat! by 74 Gear is an example of why I love humans so much.
  • People are hustling, money is being made and this is good and bad.
    • 33 Continents after Antarctic Ice Wall, Fake Dutch ‘moon rock' revealed and so many more rabbit holes. Careful with your time sink old sport.
  • NASA is far more disorganized than I ever believed and perhaps, an even bigger waste of resources. Overpaid and under-delivering.
  • So much money being invested into every aspect of human industries all over the world and there is not a single automated drone fly-over to educate, eradicate and promote progress.
  • Piri Reis map has some cool some scholarly debate points.

Misc. & Random

I really like some other stuff people have put together and think no matter what they are presenting, some neat things can extracted.

  • http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/2015/06/south-pole-does-not-exist.html
  • https://duckduckgo.com/?q=top+down+flat+earth+aerial+view
  • http://www.flatearth101.com/flat-earth-maps
  • https://aplanetruth.info/
A very interesting way of seeing things

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