Read more about Memento mori and consider starting your own list. Sadly, I must confess that I arrived late to the bucketlist party and did not compile this many decades ago. However, if it is truly significant, Surely I’ll be able to remember it and make the necessary updates to my list. 🤠


  1. Fly a helicopter
  2. Have 5 pizza 5 days in a row
  3. Go to a Drive-In movie
  4. Ride Kingda Ka Three Times in one day
  5. Raise a dog from 6 weeks old
  6. Eat a Philly Cheese Steak
  7. Enjoy Mr. Frosty and run up the Rocky Steps
  8. Win the lotto
  9. Highschool Physics Class
  10. Win a chess game versus GM on Chess.com
  11. Play Age of Empires with all of my brothers


  • Milk a cow and drink milk directly from a nipple 🐮
  • Make a viral YouTube video
  • Ride scenic tour to Alaska
  • Make my own forest in a jar
  • Northern Lights Cruise
  • Paint a Bob Ross Inspired Painting and sell it for charity
  • Watch Planet Earth 1,2 and 3 all in a row
  • Live long enough to see Blindness and Deafness be eradicated from Planet Earth
  • Ensure no one attends my funeral by outliving everyone.
  • Share a beer with all of my nieces / nephews
  • Build a solar powered website and create real time stats
  • Sleep in a luxurious vampire coffin
  • Amass an influential social media empire to manipulate, persuade and dominate those with bad ideas using cyberbully tactics.
  • Drink beer in the basement bowling alley at The White House.

Inspiration from https://piszek.com/bucketlist/

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