Hi, nice to meet you. 🤠

My name is Matt, thanks for visiting. I love helping people out, and I don’t mind being brutally honest either. I blog here at least once a month, at Maggew.com. More than 11,474 words so far!

I’m a big fan of blunt honesty and naked truth. If I think it, I’m likely to say it without censoring it for the audience. 🤬

Here are some things you can do right now:

  1. Browse website; read & learn the same stuff as me…
  2. Look inside my toolbox
  3. Read my favorite bible verse & quotes
  4. Peep the affiliate coupon area and discover apps
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  6. See my ever changing list of role models
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Most content on Maggew.com is going to be straight shooter stuff, not much fluff for Search Engine discovery and I won’t be affiliating or promoting junk products or services. Everything I do in life has to have a Made in USA quality stamp of approval.

9 Random Facts About Me.

1 I like falling asleep to Bob Ross. The scraping knife noise and his bedtime story voice is very nice…

2 When I drink beer with my friends, we light tea candles up in front of glass bottles and shoot the flame out.

3 In discord, when I’m having fun I’m very loud. It’s not uncommon for my buddies to lower me to 50% volume.

4 My mom had four boys, Billy is the oldest, than me, than Tyler and Zach. Of course I can beat them all up too. 💪

5 My favorite drinks are chocolate milk, 100% vegetable / tomato juice and ACV shots; usually 1 a day.

6 I love cars, chess, computer plus cycles. Risk and Pente are also mad fun to play.

7 I think people with billions of dollars don’t take enough responsibility and do great things for mankind.

8 I’ll tell you what, the big man upstairs doesn’t want anyone to go-life alone. Find a best friend and enjoy!

9 Watching Western movies are some of the best things a young man can learn from. 🤠

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